An esteemed Tier 1 performance-based PR and media placement agency

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We specialize in crafting and executing long-term visions through strategic PR, media engagement, and branding strategies tailored to entrepreneurs, influencers, startups, and businesses.

An esteemed Tier 1 performance-based PR and media placement agency

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We take pride in providing a unique suite of services designed to elevate your brand, increase visibility, improve SEO, and enhance your fame

PR & Branding Consulting

Work with us to refine your branding, PR outreach, and growth strategies.

Media Placement

Get featured on the news in a matter of weeks across all regions. We are so confident that we offer guarantees.

SEO Article Strategy

Get monthly packages for high DA, SEO-friendly articles curated just for you.

News Variety

Choose from more than 250 news outlets.


Build relationships and network easier than ever


Climb up the SEO ladder and rank high on Google


Work with us with at all budget constraints


Become the no.1 authority in your niche


Use fame to achieve growth and more sales


Earn trust from your audience in an instant


40% more likely to raise investment capital

Personalized for Each Client

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Our Focus

At Eplugmedia, we specialize in working with entrepreneurs to build their personal brand and reputation, as well as businesses that operate in a digital ecosystem.

Consumer Technology

Enterprise Technology

Venture Funded Companies



Online Coaching/Consulting

Real Estate

Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Don’t trust us.

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Miami Luxury Access

“I had an incredible experience with Eplugmedia. We had a call first where they asked me questions to learn about my business and my goals. After signing with them, they made sure to communicate actively to write outstanding articles and get them published on some cool platforms! Thank you so much!”

Andrey Lysenko

CEO, Miami Luxury Access


“Eplugmedia's commitment to empowering executives with a powerful brand and media visibility is truly commendable. Engaging with the founders personally has been both inspiring and informative. Great job, and thank you!”

Philip Villa

Founder, Yokkao

ICON. Amsterdam

“The Eplugmedia team is exceptional! Having the chance to speak with the founders and learn about their strategies for boosting brand recognition and media presence has been an enlightening experience. Kudos for their outstanding efforts!”

Samuel O.

Founder, ICON. Amsterdam

Allied Motors

“Collaborating with Eplugmedia has been a fantastic experience. The founders' in-depth knowledge of building brand awareness and media presence is truly beneficial for any executive looking to make an impact. I'm grateful for their hard work and support!”

Abdul Zahir

Sales Manager, Allied Motors

Tapa King

“I'm amazed by the dedication and expertise of the Eplugmedia founders. Their guidance in strengthening my brand authority and media presence has been invaluable. A big thank you to the entire team for their incredible work!”

Deen Sadiq

Managing Director, LMZ Group

Becca Tepper

“I can't thank Eplugmedia enough for their guidance in elevating my brand authority and media presence. The personal touch from the founders themselves was a fantastic experience. Keep up the excellent work, team!”

Becca Tepper


Leandro Lopes

“It was great working with Eplugmedia. It was awesome personally speaking with them and how they are helping founders like me to establish a strong brand authority and media presence. Y’all amazing!”

Leandro Lopes

Founder, Leandro Lopes

Our Results

Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies, our clients, and where we helped them get published. We deliver results.


ICON. Amsterdam is a Dutch DTC brand that specializes in designing and producing high-quality clothing for men


YOKKAO is a Thai DTC brand that produces high-quality Muay Thai equipment and clothing. Their product line includes gloves, shin guards, shorts, and other protective gear.

Proper Wild

Proper Wild Energy is a US DTC plant-based energy shot brand that offers a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks, without artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Leandro Lopes

Leandro Lopes is a luxury footwear and fashion brand based in Portugal. They provide their customers with exclusive and high-quality products that embody style, luxury, and craftsmanship.

Tapa King

Tapa King is a Filipino cuisine restaurant franchise based in Dubai. They provide great food and exceptional customer service.

Miami Luxury Access

Miami Luxury Access provides upscale experiences in Miami, including high-end real estate, vacation rentals, yacht charters, and concierge services for discerning clients.

Allied Motors

Allied Motors is a car dealership brand based in Dubai. They provide retail and wholesale of luxury cars. They excel in the utmost satisfaction to their clientele.

Becca Tepper

Becca Tepper, part of a father-daughter team with Robert Tepper, creates uplifting social media content that blends joy and entrepreneurial insights, engaging audiences with their unique bond.


IDESIGNGOLD is a company that specializes in gold plating iPhones. Their high-profile client base includes world-renowned football player Lionel Messi, who is a loyal customer.
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